How to make a Responsive Login Form with Background

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How to make a Responsive Login Form with Background  because when I open it on my cellphone / minimize my browser screen, I don't see text input and submit

It depends on the type of structure you inserted into your layout and the position of the background.

Can you share your OML to give you a proper answer? Because it's difficult without seeing was is beneath.

You can either use columns and then when you are on your phone, you can say to break or make it responsive using the tags on CSS and see if it is on phone, on a tablet, or desktop. 

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Attached OML ext file


Hello Hothorasman Panjaitan,

There is some missing dependency in your attached oml.

I have replicated your scenario. Please refer the attached oml and URL

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Dear Ellakkiya S,

Thank you for your attention. sorry for late response, I tried running your simple oml it worked. but I use Dublin and the result is the same. and I have sampled all the css and the container.

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