Zero-Downtime Hot Deployment Questions

Zero-Downtime Hot Deployment Questions

Hello all,

I need
to do an internal presentation of the OS platform and I want to talk about the functionality Zero-Downtime Deployment Hot.

Despite knowing how the platform behaves to not cause downtime for the end-user, I ask if you can provide more information about this topic.

Thank you in advance

Pedro Matias
Hi Pedro,

Why, thank you very much for your interest in doing such a presentation. While we don't have structured documentation on the hot deployment feature, I'll send you what we have.

If that doesn't suffice, feel free to ask us more questions here - we'll do our best to help you!


Paulo Tavares
Thank you Paulo
Guys, I just posted a short explanation in the What is the OutSystems Zero-Downtime deployment? topic that I created in the How-to section.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Thanks Daniel - you're always one step ahead :)