Refreshing a table periodically

How can I refresh data for a certain table periodically? 

These are the methods I thought of:

1. Use a timer to refresh data. The problem is that timers don't show the option of "refresh data" nor "Ajax Refresh"

2. Didn't find local timers to do the same task

What should I do?

Hi Omar,

I am not sure what you mean exactly in your situation by the need to "refresh data", could you provide some more details?

In case this solves your problem, inside Timers (or any Server Action) you don't need to use a Refresh node, but you can simply "refresh" the data inside your flow by executing the Aggregate again, here's a sample flow calling an aggregate several times in a loop:

Now, if for "local timers" you mean a "Timer" that runs periodically at the screen level (say, refreshing the data in the screen every minute or so), if you are on Reactive you could try the Screen Timer Reactive Forge Component (full disclosure: I created it) or look for similar alternatives in the Forge to cover that use case.

Hi Omar,

Where do you want to "refresh the data"? Is it on a screen? Is it on a timer? To help you better we need more details.

But assuming you want to refresh on the screen, from time to time to get the latest updates. 

You can add a set timeout function to click on a hidden button from time to time, inside the logic of this button, you will refresh the data and refresh the part of the code you want to present the refreshed information (this step is for Traditional,  reactive the change will appear as soon as you refresh the data).

The way you add this setTimeout() will be different depending on, if you use reactive or Traditional

Hope I could help you.


Carlos Lessa

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