[Data Grid Reactive] No data message: "We couldn't find any data to show here" - hide when adding rows
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When no data can be found to load to Datagrid a message automatically appears saying "We couldn't find any data to show here", which is a really useful functionality of the Data Grid Reactive Component.

 The thing is that when I add a row to the table I would like the message to disappear. so that it doesn't overlap with the table. 


Hello @Takeru Mazuelos,

It does work that way. 

If by adding a row, you are also updating the database entity, then make sure you Refresh the data source for your grid after adding the row and the message goes away automatically.

If that is what you are already doing and are stuck on a specific issue, please share a few screenshots with specifics or an oml/ oap file if possible.



Thank you for your swift answer, how could I update the database entity and refresh the data source?

Here's an example:

I am of course assuming that you have followed the guided paths on how to use OutSystems to build Reactive Web apps and that you have the general understanding of CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete records from a database entity).



Hello @Takeru Mazuelos 

We have noted and created an issue to solve this. When you add and remove rows, the empty panel should be recalculated.

Thanks for the feedback,

Bruno Martinho

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