Form editing entity doesn't save on "enter" keypress

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I need a some help with forms. I have a screen with a form with input widgets that creates new records on an entity, this form works fine and submits on enter key press.
On the other hand, I have another screen also with a form with input widgets that edits records on the same entity using GetEntityById aggregate, this form for some reason doesn't submit or save on enter.
Both forms have a submit/save button with properties Is Form Default = Yes and have type = "submit" extended property.

Cancel and Delete button property Is Form Default = No and doesnt have type = "submit" extended property. I am using the Delete switch to toggle between the Save and Delete button

Submit on enter doesn't work on edit records or what?

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Please take reference of this link,

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Ajit kurane.

Thanks for the reference Ajit, but is there any particular reason why the form doesn't submit on enter when editing records but submits on enter just fine when creating a new one? 

Hi Anon,

Can you include your oml for us to dive deeper and find an appropriate solution?

Thank you

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