Getting "Cannot read property 'arrayToDataTable' of undefined error"
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Why I am getting this error?


Thank you for your inputs. I also checked these posts but I am not able to understand why I am getting this error. Correct me if I am wrong, is it because of mismatched data types?

Try to debut it in the browser, the error could be in the action CalculateEMI. Put a breakpoint in the action and try to understand what is showing that error. Without seeing the code, or a URL so we can see live the error is difficult to see what is the root cause.

ok, i will try. Thanks.


If possible please share the oml or sample oml to see the issue.


When we run the application, i get "Cannot read property 'arrayToDataTable' of undefined error" 

PFA oml. 



the problem should be here. 

var data =google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([

            ['Task', 'Hours per Day'],

            ['Total Interest', ipp],

            ['Principal load amount', pap]


When you do the debug, is this initialized (google.visualization)? 

Check if this helps you

Will check the link. Thanks. 

google.visualization is not getting initialized.

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