Need Help implement Table Record with Sort/Filtering/Draggable Columns
Service Studio Version
11.11.11 (Build 47088)

Hi, We would like to ask help on how to possibly implement this to a page. Early this year our client requested for a custom filtering per column function and we were able to implement it.
Filter by columns


Additional feature is now requested regarding the draggable columns and I was able to find the perfect OS component. Unfortunately, I am having trouble implementing the Draghandle property of DragTable/DragTable JS
DragTable Demo


We have posted a question earlier this month on how to implement the drag to specific area on the header only but we are experiencing difficulties on this as well.
DragTable/DragTable JS enabling/disabling dragging
The main issue happens when I try to click the text field, the drag gets enabled. We are aiming for the table column drag behavior from this example: DragTable.JS OutSystems Demo (


Also, does OS have another type of sorting that will only enable sort when clicking the header text? We are planning to use the Traditional Web Table Column Filter instead of our own table column search/filtering.


Kindly let me know if my explanation is clear, as our client needs a searchable/filtering function per column and draggable columns (the issue with sort happens when the text field for filtering is clicked, the sorting gets triggered)


found the similar component with Demo and sample project. now its all working. this is no resolved.

Table Column Reorder

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