[Data Grid Reactive] JSON Data is not coming TextColumn
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Hi all

i am using this componenet.i am getting data in JSON format and i am trying to add Text column in grid and i want to show the data.but i am not able to show the data.

JSON data is 

{"data":[{"ID":"DP-00003","Type":"Drug Product","MaterialItemId":"MMID 2","ProjectId":"Project Code 2","Version":"1.0","ApprovalDate":"","Status":"Draft"},{"ID":"DS-00002","Type":"Drug Substance","MaterialItemId":"MMID 1","ProjectId":"Project Code 1","Version":"1.0","ApprovalDate":"","Status":"Draft"}],"metadata":{"ID":"String","Type":"String","MaterialItemId":"String","ProjectId":"String","Version":"String","ApprovalDate":"DateTime","Status":"String"}}

Grid Mapping is

Hello Arkyadeep Bharadwaj,

Thanks for bringing this subject to the discussion.

Have you tried using the Binding with the value "ID" instead?

Your JSON seems to have data and metadata, the binding of the column will automatically associate to the data. The prefix "{data}" would be useful for use cases where the data from the JSON has the entity implicit. For instance:

{"data":[{"EntityName":{"ID":"DP-00003","Type":"Drug Product","MaterialItemId":"MMID 2","ProjectId":"Project Code 2","Version":"1.0","ApprovalDate":"","Status":"Draft"}},{"EntityName":{"ID":"DS-00002","Type":"Drug Substance","MaterialItemId":"MMID 1","ProjectId":"Project Code 1","Version":"1.0","ApprovalDate":"","Status":"Draft"}}],"metadata":{"ID":"String","Type":"String","MaterialItemId":"String","ProjectId":"String","Version":"String","ApprovalDate":"DateTime","Status":"String"}}

With that JSON you would have to use "{data}.[ID]" or just "data.ID" which would work fine. 

In this case, try to go with "ID" configuration only.

Tell me if that worked for you,

Best regards,

Tiago Pereira

yes its working fine.thanks for your support.

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