Can I use an App in my plataform to put in production?

I created a simple app in my personal area, can I put it in production on my company, without any commercial purposes, for internal use only?


Hi Vitor,

Technically you can use it for the purposes you are describing; however, take in mind that the Personal Environment is mostly intended for new users to get familiar with the platform and its capabilities, and therefore has some important limitations that will affect the applications you build within it. Therefore, it is generally not recommended for you to deploy Production applications in your personal environment.

Some of these limitations are:

- Single environment: The personal environment only includes a single (DEV) environment. Therefore, in case of adding features or fixing changes, you don't have the flexibility of performing changes and experiments in DEV/TEST environments before making the changes available to your end users. Every time you publish a new version, your end users will immediately have access to those changes (whether they are production-ready or not).

- Database Size: The personal environment has a database of only 2 GB to be shared by all your applications. This includes all your application data (source code, application resources, etc.) and user data (all data and records entered by users. This will only be sufficient for very simple applications and/or in a very limited timeframe.

- Feature Limitations: The personal environment is subject to several limitations. You will notice that only a single developer can be registered for the platform, there are no uptime/availability guarantees, and there are also several features that are simply unavailable for the free version (e.g. Architecture Dashboard). In Reactive apps, you will notice that the "Built with OutSystems" badge will be visible in your screens with the Free edition.

Check out the Pricing and Editions page for more information.

Hello Francisco,

Thank you for your quick and valuable opinion and advice.
best regards

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