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Hi, I just want to ask how to modify the date picker it only shows years from 2021 to 2011? Is there any way to customize it? Or any other forge component that can replace the datetime picker of OSUI ? I also want to as if there's a dropdownselect widget in Reactive Web or any other alternative? I just want to have a more good-looking dropdown in my application. Thank you!


Hi @Ronald,

Yes it is possible to customize the year range in the Date Picker.

For e.g. for a range from 1970 to 2030 you would use this in the Advanced Format setting:

"{yearRange: [1970,2030]}"

As for Forge component options for dropdowns in Reactive web apps, a simple search in the Forge should get you there. For e.g. click here.



Thanks it will help a lot!

Thanks, I didn't know. Very useful.

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