[Data Grid Reactive] Add Multiple Action in Action Column
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i have one Reqiurement.i have list of data and i am using this component.Data is coming properly.but extreme right hand side i have to put 3 Dots and if user clicks the 3 dots then floating action will come and user can choose multiple action from there like edit,view,Download etc.sample screenshot is given below.

How to achieve this thing ?and if it is not possible is there any way to achieve this?

Hi Arkyadeep!

Somedays ago I had this exact same requirement as you and I achieved it in the following way:

Make use of a Dropdown menu for the action button and to show the list items.

As your options may vary on each record, put the dropdown menu inside a WB. Create some input parameters on the WB so it can run some logic on each sub links it should show. Create your desired actions for each link on the submenu (don't forget to make use of Events and their Handlers as well).

After that you'll have your functionality, but you can even also make it look as you want by applying some CSS inside the webblock ;)

I hope this may help you :)

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