[Data Grid Reactive] DataGrid Layout - Display Pagination above DataGrid (rather than below)
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
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Is it possible the display the pagination above the DataGrid rather than below it?   This feature might fit under the OptionalConfigs

Ideal Layout:

I think ideally with would be an optional config setting, but I've managed this workaround using CSS properties. 

Since the grid and the pagination are the only two elements in their parent container.  I utilized the grid's name id to change the display to be flex and then updated the flex direction to be column-reverse.  

CSS ID name: 

Page Level CSS with some margin updates as well: 


Hello @Tim Pender 

Thanks for sharing the solution with everyone.

We'll add this to our research. If this proves to be a common requirement, for sure we'll implement it has a grid option config.


Bruno Martinho

Thanks for considering this.  Would be helpful to be able to display pagination above or below, or both above and below the grid.

Thanks again for this fantastic component!

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