New Video: MacOS IDE, Integration Builder, OSDC, and more...

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) is back, with news on the new MacOS IDE, Integration Builder, OSDC , and more Forge components to check out. Take a look: 

Here's what's covered:

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - Product Updates
00:23 - Service Studio IDE for MacOS
01:00 - Integration Builder Generally Available
01:32 - OutSystems Developer Conference - Tracks now available
01:51 - OutSystems User Groups
02:09 - Updates on Documentation and Training
02:55 - Forge Component best practices
03:08 - Trusted Components
03:45 - New Supported Component - Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
04:15 - SSE Push Event Hub and Client
04:45 - Google Tasks Integration Service
05:08 - ReactFilePondUpload
05:17 - Drag and Drop in Reactive
05:40 - Wrap-up

Thanks for sharing! 

Thanks for sharing. Just one question, is there any schedule to make available the traditional web in the MAC version?

Thanks and also its more useful things :) 

Thanks for sharing!  

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