[Data Grid Reactive] Adding/Deleting a row while grouping, filtering or sorting
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Why it's not possible to add/delete a row in the grid while grouping, filtering or sorting?

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Thank you for your reply but I'm not sure if those links answer my question.

I know how to clear the grid filters and sorts.

Thank you

Daniel Figueira

Hello Daniel Figueira,

Adding and Removing rows on the grid will only work if you disable sorts, filters, or remove the columns on the group panel. Otherwise, it will mess with the rows that are currently on the view (on the current page of the grid). 

All the logic that is associated with the creation of new rows, as well as the dirty marks that get added to its cells, have been customized in order for the user to be able to add the rows in any position of the grid that he wants (which has a different behavior when compared to the original wijmo's documentation). Those rows get added into a data source on the grid that persists the data and makes it possible to sort or filter the data after changing any values from that row.

Please bear in mind that we are always trying to improve the component and your suggestions are really appreciated. This type of feature might get improved in the future if the use cases justify it.

Best regards,
Tiago Pereira

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