Tranfser test from one Screen to another

how do I allow clients to write something on one screen and have it added to a different screen?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Olamide,

You can collect the user input (the text and other selections user entered) in one screen and save them to an Entity in the database. In the other screen, you get the data from that Entity with an Aggregate and show it in a list or table.

So you start with your data model (Entity), the actions that save/get records, then the screens for data input and for display.

I suggest yo go through the guided path videos which helps to understand how you create records in database from user input, and show them in another screen. 

could you pls provide an example of what you mean?

Hello Olamide,

Can you provide more information regarding the functionality you want to achieve?

You can also refer to this Post where selected data was passed from one screen to another. It may help you.


Pavan R

I have a screen where there is a text area in which the user can add a text, and I want that text which they add to appear on another screen

you can save that data you are getting from input text field to an entity and then you can fetch the data anywhere you want.

Hi Olamide,

You can pass the data from one screen to another screen through JSON Serialize and Deserialize  widget.

 Pass the  input widget local variable ( Which is assign to text area) to the JSON Deserialize  and take  one input variable to the another screen where you want to show that data there you can deserialize it. Refer to the Post and go through the OML for your reference.


Pavan R

Hi @Olamide Ojute ,

I hope you are doing well!!

Please find your answer here:

Jose has given you with sample OML.

Make a nice day!!

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Ajit Kurane.

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