Only One Server action in screen Client action
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11.11.12 (Build 47321)

Hi Community,

I need some clarification, I have screen client action and if I trying to add more than one server action it gives me warnning. So basically we should have only one server action in a Client action. I need clarification why it allows only one Server action?


Hello RJ,

 When we are using server actions in a client action . There is a request going from browser to server. So when we are using many server action in a  same client action , it causes many request to server. That can slow down performance.

The warning itself says: To avoid performance issues, group them all in a Single Server Action and call instead.

 So the best way is to create one wrapper action of all server action which you want to use and then use that wrapper action into the client action.


Pavan R

Hi R j,

Please find the below link for more clarification with practical,

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Ajit kurane

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