How to clear old JavaScript running in mobile screen??
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Hi All, 

I need help with the below situation.

I have created a 60sec timer using javascript. It's working fine when I land on the screen for the first time. Now say I click back and go to that screen again, I see that the timer starts behaving wierdly. I found that now there are two instances of timer script running now which is changing the label value. I tried many approaches to clear/kills the instance in OnDestroy event but it doesn't seem to work. Please find my code below

//Timer Logic

var timeleft = $parameters.Timeleft;

var downloadTimer = setInterval(function(){

    document.getElementById($parameters.paramWidgetID).innerHTML = timeleft + " seconds remaining";

    timeleft -= 1;

  if(timeleft < 0){


    document.getElementById($parameters.paramWidgetID).innerHTMLL = "Timed Out";



}, 1000);

//Clearing logic on OnDestroy event.

if(window.hasOwnProperty('downloadTimer')) {



Any idea on how to do this ??


Hi Pranav,

Are you sure the 'downloadTimer' is found and cleared properly in OnDestroy? Because I think the best way to use clearInterval is to assign the setInterval output to a JS input parameter and then passing it into clearInterval later on, instead of using hasOwnProperty to find it.

$parameters.timeout = setInterval(location.reload(),5000);

and an onDestroy with clearInterval($parameters.timeout);

See this forum post.

If that's not a solution, maybe clicking browser back button doesn't properly fire OnDestroy? Can you confirm that?

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