Identifying Errors and Warnings from Deployment Status using the LifeTime API v2

We are trying to move to a CICD deployment rather than using the CI so we are deploying using the LifeTime API, when we have a deployment fail with errors or warnings I want to be able to grab just those lines from the output.

 In the UI, it gives a high level summary of what failed,  then when scrolling through the log it's obvious what is an error as it has a warning/error symbol next to it. The output of the API doesn't detail what's info, what's a warning and what's an error?

Is there an "error dictionary" so I can find a list of expected strings for various scenarios I can reference? Annoyingly when you download the staging report there is field in one of the logs that flags if its an error or warning, it'd be a great addition to the API to add the additional attribute.

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