Oustystems is pointing to old iOS Provisioning profile


We have generated a new .mobileprovision provisioning profile. As shown in the screen shot , i attached the new one (in green) but Outsystems is pointing to the old one (in red). We need to use the new one as it is enabled with iOS push notification capability. 

even in the error logs is still pointing to the old provisioning profile and giving same error in the IPA generation logs. 

[2021-08-11T12:48:00.699Z] [VERBOSE] [Build] /Users/sandbox04/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles//646f7557-2515-4b11-977f-25f38e96a25d.mobileprovision

[2021-08-11T12:48:00.701Z] [ERROR] [Build] Provisioning profile "***** Development App - Legacy - Aug 2020" doesn't support the Push Notifications capability. (in target 'development' from project 'development')

[2021-08-11T12:48:00.701Z] [ERROR] [Build] Provisioning profile "***** Development App - Legacy - Aug 2020" doesn't include the aps-environment entitlement. (in target 'development' from project 'development')

please note that i need a solution urgently as the security team allowed internet access to cloud front till 1.5 more hours i need to generate the IPA and send it for deployment for testing at the soonest. but the push notification configuration took more than expected time. 


ok please ignore my post. it just needed to "Save". I don't know it seems that the "Save and Generate" does not save the new file.

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