Reactive - Page Title changes back to default after any Input event

Hey guys,

I'm having a strange behavior on my reactive app. 

I'm using javascript to change the screen title to a different value and it works.

The problem is that always after anything that is written in a input of that page, the screen title goes back to the default value (either the screen name or what is defined in the screen property).

Any idea why this is happening and how to prevent it to change back?


Filipe Cardoso

Hi Filipe, 

This is probably because of the render of the page, like you have this change on some flow and change the title for whatever you want, after the page is being rendered again and this value is being lost.

Try to place on the event OnRender so is always changing back to the value you need, I have this done on the OnReady and works fine.

Best regards

Carlos Lessa

Hi Carlos,

We're currently using that solution you are saying. But we still have the problem, it changes the title on Render but as soon as we enter something in a input, it changes back to the default.


Filipe Cardoso

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