Multiple tooltips are showing on scroll

I have used multiple tooltips on the same screen and when I scroll, multiple tooltips are appear at the same time. I want to remove all the tooltips at scroll. Please check bellow link for the issue. I have used Outsystems UI version 2.6.12.


Hi Ankit,

That looks like a bug in that outsystems component. Maybe someone from Outsystems can see this.

I did a quick fix, and what I did will not allow having multiple open at the same time

I had to clone the component. I attached the OML


Thank you Luis.

It's working.

you can create a local variable with this piece of text:

    delay: [1000, 0]

use this variable in the tooltip for AdvancedFormat: 


Hi M.E.,

Even with that it doesn't work. I think only work with my alternative, unless we can do something like what I did in the AdvancedFormat.

Check the gif I made, with the Ankit problem.

Thanks M.E for the solution.

 but getting tooltips after completing the delay.

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