Problems autocomplete field

I try to create a autcomplete field in Servicestudio (everything updated)

what i have done so fare

Add text block
Add input_autocomplete (and make a ref to textblock id)
Add an notify process (see image below)

can somebody tell me the procedure how to build the autocomplete?  On this moment the recordlist is filled but no dropdownlist appears.

Thank you

Try it like this:

- Make a combo-box with the data source you want (check that it's showing everything)
- Drag an Auto-complete widget over the combo box

It should replace the combo-box with an auto-complete and build all the required code for it to function.

Let us know if this was sufficient.
Hi ricardo,

thank you for help

When i create a record list and attach it to an combo box then im unable to input the input_autocomplete widget (intellisense). the combobox itself works perfectly with my recordlist.
Hi Frits,

it seems that you're missing one crutial part of the process the "list append". When you retrieve the information from a query you have to "convert it" to an autocomplete list. check bellow:

Miguel Antunes
when add listappend i get the follow error:

"Append is not a valid operation inside a StartIteration/EndIteration block."

problem solved (changed the list for the action listappend.

thanks everybody for your help!
Probably is something more missing there, take a look at the attach, just open it an check the AutoCompleteCreatedBy action.

Then let us know how it goes.

Miguel Antunes
Hi Frits,

The "Append is not a valid operation inside a StartIteration/EndIteration block." error happens if you're trying to use ListAppend in the list you're iterating on - that's definitely a big no no :) You should iterate a source list (maybe a query, or a local variable), and append whatever you want in a second (output) list - maybe a local variable, or a different query.


Paulo Tavares

EDIT: Frits, I just saw your edited post! Glad you sorted it out.