Custom Calendar
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Service Studio Version
11.50.11 (Build 47486)

Greetings to all,

I need urgent help on calendar. I want to select date in swapping way. I tried a lot of stuff but no succeeded yet. 

If any one help will be appreciated. 

I'm attaching my oap.file.




Hi Ankit,

Not sure if I understood right,

You mean like a date range?
Something like this:

You can achieve it with the default OS DatePicker component just set the Select interval property to true.

Attached the OML with this screen.

Cheers and Regards,
RR :)


Hi @Raphael Ranieri thanks for help.

I have tried this but when I'm selecting to date till from date the selection should be continuous. I have attached  attachment for example.

Can you please suggest something about that or do it my oml itself.

Again thanks for helping me.


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