Multiple forms on a screen without web block

I need to create two forms in one screen and need to validate separate separate.

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You can take two columns in one container and drag FORM widget in two columns. Set source of record from aggregate. I hope you will get this. For your reference I have created sample OML for you please refer it.

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Scenario 1: If there are separate buttons for both the forms then you can validate it on particular form button and set the built-in validation property to yes.

Scenario 2: You may have two forms with two different Entities and one save button for both  then  you need to add one save outside of the both two forms and make the Save button's 'Built-in validation' property to yes.

And then write your client side validation for both the forms inputs inside that one save button.

I have attached the OML for more clarification.

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Hi @Ram Niwas ,

You can add as many forms into your screen, you need to properly bind them with the proper source & then based on your business requirement you can decide how to proceed for the validation part

You can have separate validations with two buttons in each form and you can do the same with single button as you're having aggregates/sources in your current screen , you can perform your client side logic/validations.

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 You can achieve this by following steps:

1) Using "Enclose in IF" for both the forms. 

2) Take one input variable eg. CurrentStep [DT: Integer, Mandatory: No, Default value: 1]

3) If condition: CurrentStep=1, Form1 will be appeared on screen.

4) If condition : CurrentStep=2, from2 will be appeared on screen.

5) And then you can use a assign in submit button of both the forms eg. CurrentStep=CurrentStep+1

6) For Form Validation you can access the boolean Valid property of the Form Widget in the Client Action that submits the form. 

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Hello @Ram Niwas 

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You can take multiple forms in one screen- You can drag the form widget in main content as many you want.

If you want to give conditions to display the form accordingly -you can also use wizard widget.Wizard

and give Enclose if conditions to the form.

You can check the link.

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