[OS10] Publishing Solution in Service Center Freezes

Does anyone have encountered this issue?

Somehow and I don't why, everytime I try to publish a solution via Service Center, the publish freezes....
Does someone have a clue why?


Hi João,

Are you using an On Premise Installation or OS Cloud Service?

Your solution is too big?

There are any logs on Service Center or on your Server?

There are lots of reasons that could explain that, for example, the IIS may be aborting your thread on the server side because it consumed a lot of memory and was recycled.

What you can do, and I think is the best way to go, is to contact OutSystems support.

Also take a look on your server Logs and try to publish it directly from the server if possible to see if it works, that can helps.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

I've manage to find the solution, the ServiceCenter AppPool was timing out since the timeout was defined to 90 seconds.

Thanks for the help, I've descovered the solution reading the server logs.

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