DatePicker alway reset the UI value!

I had developed an application base-on mobile and I use the date picker widget and compare with input with date type widget.

When I selected a date and navigate to another page and back to the previous page with the date picker again, the date picker always reset value UI to the current date but* the real data is by my selected no change follow UI changed, that corrected. So, how I fixed it, and why does that always display like that.

For those image is comparison between date picker widget and input widget with type date, picture 1 is the current date before select and do the next action and picture 2 is shown the date picker when do anything on the next page and get back to it.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Note: I had no set or reset value when the screen rendered, So it is impossible to reset data when the screen got an event OnInitialized() or OnRendered()

Hi Pongsakorn,

Date picker will store the value in temporary local. When you are navigating to new screen and navigating back to the same screen will surely reset the date picker value.

You can assign the date picker value in client variable or session variable to access from anywhere of the application.


Ok, I don't have a problem with data stored in variables, it works fine and right. but what is wrong is UI displayed in DatePicker it always reset its own UI but the value is correct, I want to know why and how to fix that why is it so?

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