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Hi all,

I cannot seem to get an api response to correctly json deserialize using the structure of the response. 

In the 'testModule' I have attached I have the real 'api response' saved in the 'PlaninTextAPI_response' local variable. I try to deserialize this using the data type of 'ApiResponseStructure'(this structure is the direct response received via outystems api test and Postman; also attached). I know the root issue is something to do with the two 'map' variables being empty in the json, I have tried a variety of ways to fix this but cannot get it to work anymore.

The weird thing here is that I DO have this correctly working in another module...the plainText api response is correctly deserialized using this structure I have attached. I have been comparing the two setups and everything is exactly the same so I know it has to be something with the structure set up. 

Any help or guidance would be appreciated as I am super confused on how I ever got this working in a different module. 

Link to the JSON from postman/OS api test: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mErXTV85UQcjFUw67jfrEjs_cPApa4z4/view?usp=sharing





Hi Christian,

The better approach for same is to use ArdoJson Plugin action [ JSON_GetAttributes & JSONSelect].

I had attached a sample against your JSON; you can refer to the same.

Hope it helps,


Thanks for looking at the issue, however this is not solving it. I am looking at your example and although 'status' is coming in, 'title' is still blank. If this way was to work, i would still have to map out all hundreds of columns. 

I am curious, how did you get around the 'The current JSON has empty objects "map":{},"map"{}' error when creating your structure?

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