[Case Management framework] [CMf] Bug In Case_GetCases.TotalResults?
Application Type
Platform Version
11.11.3 (Build 29602)


I have an application built with Workflow Builder. CMf version is 2021_06_01_15_05_40 .

I think Case_GetCases (in CaseServices_API) is not returning the correct value for TotalResults. I think this should be the total number of results that match the search criteria, but it's returning the current page size instead.

In the picture below, I'm fetching active cases, of which there are 9 as you can see, but TotalResults is 5 not 9.

Pagination does not work because of this. I though of using CaseCounters.Count for pagination, but this will give incorrect results if there are search criteria other than status. How can I solve this?


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