How to pass variable from popup into main screen

I have a main screen that has a Full Name (Expression) in it, I created a link that leads to a popup where user can edit the name there and has a button where you can close the popup.

On the main screen there's a button to save all changes done.

I'm trying to transfer the data that was the input in the popup screen into the main screen full name expression.

I read some stuff about Popup Editor Notify and Notify Get Message actions but failed to find any documents/documentations on how to use them.

Hi Wilbye,

In the popup before using the action to close, use the 'Popup_Editor_Notify" action to pass the variable value in the ''Argument".

In the main screen, use the action "Popup_Editor_GetMessage" in the screen action that is activated by the popup, in the "Getmessage", you will find the value you put in the 'Argument'

Best regards.

Where do I put the Popup_editor_GetMessage? In a different screen action??


Yeah, realized just now, testing it now, I hope it works

Yes, it's possible. You can create a structure and use it using json serialize to send the message in Popup_Editor_Notify , and json deserilize after Popup_editor_GetMessage  to read the variable values. It's a little more complex but it works.


Thank you so much, this is a new knowledge for me! :D I really appreciate it!

Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it.


You can have a local variable at screen level and in the pop save action you can assign the value from popup to the local variable, you can later do whatever you want at screen level



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