Associate reactive web exam question

there was a question about screen life cycle said :

Which of the following you cannot fetch on initialized
- aggregate within data action
- API within data action

I just remembered these two.

can anyone help me with that please :) 

Hello @Lina Abushammala,

If you are looking for a confirmation on whether the 2 choices you made are correct, then yes Data Actions (and Aggregates) of the default screen concurrently start to fetch data only after the OnInitialize event handler has ended.

For further reference or general reading -> 



Hi Lina,

if you are referring to real questions from an actual certification exam you have taken, please remove this post, as that is information that should not be shared.


Hi Lina,

The answer is we can fetch both on initialized. Just you need to remember remaining two options for actual answer.

Kind Regards,

Ajit Kurane.

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