Mix Authentication Types (Internal, LDAP, SAML 2.0)
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive
Platform Version
11.11.3 (Build 29602)


We need to support various authentication methods: SAML 2.0 for external users, LDAP for employees and regular OutSystems authentication using a username and password. How a user authenticates is based on the type of service they request or the page they're trying to access.

Topics like : https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/End_User_Management/End_Users_Authentication/Configure_SAML_2.0_Authentication 

suggest that only one authenticate method can be set at a time.

Is it possible to support all of these authentication methods?


hi J.A

The new version of the IDP is already doing that https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/599/idp

But if you need to customize you use the module IDP Customization to adapt the logic by your needs.

Best regards

Carlos Lessa

Thanks, Carlos.

Can I apply the steps mentioned here to the original "Users" module, i.e. choosing SAML for this module.

Then, clone the Users module (to Users_Clone for example) and select a different authentication method for the clone - say Internal Only. 

If I want to use internal-only authentication in an app, I would choose Users_Clone as the user provider; and if I want SAML I would choose "Users". 

Will that work?

I believe you can manage without cloning the user adding extra logic when login the user to identify from where it came or where should be redirected(with login action to use) to make the proper login.



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