[OutSystems UI] (Star) Rating widget doesn't store when pressing once on iPhone
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11.12.0 (Build 29969)

When using the star widget in our application we noticed strange behaviour occuring only on iPhone.

Problem: When changing the value (pushing on a star) it doesn't trigger the event to store the value.

When running it in the browser (Chrome) it's isn't a problem and works like it's expected. When we try to run it in a mobile application on the phone it doesn't work. It only works with a double tap (fast).

When tapped once, there is nothing to debug it (with mobile device) because the save action isn't triggered at all (The action that listens on the OnSelect eventof the rating widget). 

Hello Peter.

Can you please provide some extra information?

  • which iOS version?
  • PWA or Native build?
  • Is that only happening in iOS or also on Android?

If you have a sharable module with the issue isolated it would be great so that we can quickly help on that.
Thank you for your feedback.

Best Regards,

Hi Gonçalo.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I've attached a newly created test application wih our webblock in it. Made some shortcuts to make it work in one module (entity etc). Most important is that the same behaviour is present.

Your questions:

  • which iOS version?
    • 14.7.1
  • PWA or Native build?
    • Both
  • Is that only happening in iOS or also on Android?
    • At the moment I can't test this on an Android device. We focussed totally on IOS and there is no employee around that can test it on Android.

Problem in a nutshell:

  • On mobile only a very fast double tap is seen as a click.
    • Best test:
      • Click on a different star than is registered. Click in a text input below, the value jumps back to the stored value.
  • It happens only on mobile
  • It happens both on Safari and Chrome.
  • On a desktop (Chrome) it functions like expected (one click)

Thanks for helping!


Hello Peter.

Thank you so much for all feedback.
We'll analyze this and will get back to you as soon as we have some news.

Best Regards,

Hello again Peter.

We were able to identify the issue and fix it (will be released probably in 2 releases).
This is an issue reported in Safari (as mentioned here) and when using Fastclick (as reported here and its used on the layouts).
While the fix is not released, in order to unblock you you need only to add the following CSS class:

.ios .rating .rating-item > * {
    display: block;
    pointer-events: none;

Please let us now if is all working fine and thanks again for reaching out.
(If it's working please mark it as solved to help our community members)

Best Regards,

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