Editable Table - Traditional Web App - Values not changing after AJAX Refresh
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Traditional Web

I'm having an issue with the Editable Table. I have 2 dropdown lists, the first list is pre-populated, while the 2nd dropdown list is dependent on the value selected on the first list.

The problem I'm encountering is when I used AJAX refresh, the values I set on the 2nd dropdown list does not take effect. I'm hoping for a response to this issue. Thank you in advance.

Hi Dennis,

The basic troubleshooting involves:

1. The 'OnChange' event on the first dropdown should trigger a screen action.
2. The Screen Action should update/ change the variable / Identifier bound to the second combo box.
3. Ensure the second dropdown's Aggregate is filtered based on the variable /Identifier chosen in the first dropdown.

If this does not help, I would suggest sharing an oml or screenshots of your flow please.



Hi Dennis,

After selecting the second dropdown, are you refreshing the query using the selected dropdown values to get a filtered list? And are you refreshing the widget where you want to show the filtered values?


Carlos Lessa 


I had also faced same issue. For that while using ajax refresh put second dropdown also in ajax refresh then when first dropdown get refresh then second dropdown will also give the value which is depend upon first dropdown.

I hope this will work.

if this doesn't work then please share sample OML then I would like to help you out.

Kind Regards,

Ajit kurane.

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