[Snowflake Connector] Snowflake Connector timing out
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When we are trying the Snowflake Connector Demo, we are getting the following errors running from our internal environment (hosted in house):

System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred.
at Object.s [as getException] (https://...SnowflakeConnectorDemo/scripts/OutSystems.js?oay51q5QPx9P8Xmw2HkooQ:2:10083)
at c.onSuccess (https://.../SnowflakeConnectorDemo/scripts/OutSystems.js?oay51q5QPx9P8Xmw2HkooQ:3:6054)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (https:/.../SnowflakeConnectorDemo/scripts/OutSystems.js?oay51q5QPx9P8Xmw2HkooQ:3:1470)
[1] One or more errors occurred.
at ssSnowflakeConnectorDemo.RssExtensionSnowflakeConnector.MssRunQuery(HeContext heContext, String inParamUsername, String inParamPassword, String inParamScheme, String inParamAccount, String inParamHost, String inParamPort, String inParamRole, String inParamWarehouse, String inParamExtraParametersForConnectionString, String inParamQuery, String inParamDatabase, Boolean& outParamIsSuccessful, String& outParamResultInJSON)
at ssSnowflakeConnectorDemo.ScreenServices.SnowflakeConnectorDemo_MainFlow_SnowflakeQueries_Controller.<ActionRunQuery>b__5(HeContext heContext, String screenName, JObject screenModel, JObject inputParameters, JObject clientVariables)
at OutSystems.RESTService.Controllers.ScreenServicesApiController.endpoint(String input, String endpointName, String apiVersion, EndpointImplementationDelegate implementation)

[2] A task was canceled.

When we published in our personal cloud environment we weren't getting the errors.  We are guessing that it is timing out.  What do we need to check?

Hi Rebecca, 

Not sure if you have managed to find the cause for timeout. I have encountered the same issue on company environment. 

I tried to create same connector in .NET and it is fine. It will failed with timeout error after converted to an extension. 

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