[Data Grid Reactive] Error message "GridAPI is not defined" appears after sign-on
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In this application, the screen with the data grid is the one immediately after the sign-on, the following screen being the one with the reactive data grid.

After sign-on the data grid is shown, with the red error message in the top.  Not always is shown, but in the Service Center/ Monitoring /Errors it always appears:

Attached: error message at Service Center. 



Hello Robert,

Can you confirm if the properties of the Web block Grid (to show the Data Grid) are correctly filled?

You can also see an example of the usage of this block on the Sample component. You can download here https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/9765/data-grid-sample-reactive and check the code on screen Overview.

Hope this helps you.



Thanks for your prompt response.

It has the following properties filled when I select the grid widget inside the screen:

  1. Name:                  DataGrid1
  2. Source Block:     Structures\Grid
  3. Data:                    Data_Action_RequestDataForDataGrid.gridData
  4. isDataFetched: Data_Action_RequestDataForDataGrid.IsDataFetched
  5. GridHeight:       1000
  6. RowsPerPge:     50
  7. Events:        OnInitialize in gray.

The grid shows data and works fine; but the first time I login at the app, it shows the error message "GridAPI is not defined

Hello @Robert Feliberty ,

Did anything change since your last reply or are you still having this issue?

We tried to reproduce it but it wasn't possible.

Any more info you can provide us?


Bruno Martinho

Hey Robert,

In order to better understand what's going on, could you tell us which version of the data grid you are using, and could you send us your sample?

Thank you,
Gabriel Lundgren

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