Where to find table ossys_app_version
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Where to find table ossys_app_version. I need it to get the version nmumber of my published application.

Hi Manjeet, this table is a system table and is not publicly accessible via the (system) module. However, you can use this extension: 


to access this table.

Beware that this is on your own risk and it is not officially supported by OutSystems!


Hi Manjeet,

That entity is not available on System like most of the tables are.

Nonetheless, you can use a workaround which is force querying the table by using its physical table name. For that, you should use an expanded inline attribute and do something like this:

You'll have to build a structure for the outputs and it is an error prone approach given that you are trusting the data model of that entity won't be changed in future versions of the platform.

In attachment, you can find a working example of querying this table and showing it on a screen.

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Hi Manjeet,
Despite the answers are already posted :)

Here's another approach to achieve the same.

  • You can consume the 'Application', 'App_Mobile_Config' entities from the System Module.
  • Use the attribute App_Mobile_Config.VersionNumber for the  the version number published

Hope it helps,


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