[CKEditor.Reactive] Toolbar buttons don't active
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The toolbox button doesn't active when the screen is opened the second time.

It will work again when I refresh my browser.

CKEditor.Reactive = Forge Version 1.0.9

Hi  @Por,

Can you please explain a bit better or attach an oml file in order to understand what is happening?

Thanks in advance,

João Capucha

Hello @Por

When I upgrade to version 1.0.9 I do not see a 'Back' button in the Demo app. 

If you added the 'Back' button, please share the underlying code that is triggered by the 'Back' button and that may explain why the icons no longer have the 'active' css after you click the 'Back' button.



Hi João Rafael Capucha 

I have attached the file.

You can try to test the functionality according to my video. You will see that the toolbar is not working properly.

Hi @AJ. 

I've tweaked the demo to demonstrate the problem I'm facing. You can download a demo file from me.


Hello @Por,

I did take a look at the oml and I could not figure out the reason for the difference in behavior (navigate to the page as opposed to refresh the page). 

I agree with Rhuan's suggestion to downgrade to a prior version. I am curious about the behavior though and in case I have an update I will be sure to post it here.



Hi @Por,

I'll try to check what's happening as soon as possible but I'm not able to tell you a date to do that due to professional reasons.

Thank you in advance for the report.

Kind Regards,

João Capucha

Hi @Por ,

I had the same problem, what worked for me was to downgrade to version 1.0.6. 

I had an old version(1.0.6) in my personal account and it was working fine, that's why I downgraded to this version. 

Has anyone found a solution to this problem without having to resort to an older version


Yes, my team was experiencing that issue.  It has to do with CKEditor instances not being fully destroyed/disposed in some cases. We made the following changes to fix it.

  1. Edit the CKEditor.js file (attached is our modified version)
    • Replace 'delete CKEDITOR.instances[]'and removealllisteners() lines with destroy() on the specific instance.
    • Modify code that adds event triggers to 'instanceReady' events on target editor instances only instead of the CKEDITOR object. (This is necessary for this issue but will resolve error messages that start with 'Invalid call of the 'TriggerCkeditorReady' client action')
  2. Edit the following Client Action ('CKFlow\CKEditor\OnDestroy')
    • In the Javascript Node for 'RemoveListeners' add an input parameter for the InputId (DataType: Text)
    • Pass the Input Parameter 'InputId' to the Javascript Parameter you just created
    • Change the code in the javascript node to the following code:
      • if(typeof CKEDITOR !== "undefined" && CKEDITOR.instances[$parameters.InputId]) {    CKEDITOR.instances[$parameters.InputId].destroy(false);

It would be great if something like this could be included in the official release (? @Tiago Jesus). This was tested on the latest Forge version as of this post (1.0.10) 



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