Announcing - New Video Series - OutSystems Crash Course

Your OutSystems Developer Advocacy team is back with a new way to learn OutSystems, and we want YOUR input! 

We're launching a new video series soon...OutSystems Crash Course, and the goal is to provide bite-sized videos, easy to consume, to help you get started in developing with OutSystems. 

To make the most of the series, we want to hear from YOU! If you're new to OutSystems, what topics and techniques have you stumped, or what things have you found that could use some more explanation? Or if you're an OutSystems veteran, what things do you wish you knew when you got started? 

Share your ideas in the comments on the YouTube video, or in a reply below...if we use your suggestion, we'll give you a shout-out in the video where we cover it. 

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A crash course on LBPTs that specifically explains the differences between LBPTs-BPTs-Timers and when to use which would be great!

There are already some good documentation/forum posts on this, but a video can piece them all together. 

Agreed, would be great if we get videos how and where to use types of BPT

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.. 


1] Please add a separate Video on Systems Clients 7 Server Actions with difference

2] Basic to Advanced Examples on BPT with Timers, How to create Jobs

3] How to create and use Themes from scratch with Example


Thanks for the suggestions. For the Server/Client actions, are you wanting a video on just the List actions? Or all Server/Client actions?

Or are you wanting a video explaining the difference between Server and Client actions? Or the difference in implementation between Client and Server List actions?

Hi ,

If Possible then pls show examples on all List Actions with difference between Client and Server actions.

And pls explain where we can use it.


Good to have such videos on regular basis.

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