[Advanced Excel] Service Studio Error
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Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.13 (Build 47428)
Platform Version
11.13.0 (Build 30897)

I am entirely new on this platform and installed Service Studio 11.11.13 but every time I try to create a module the service studio crashes, I tried on different laptops it is not letting me create a module. Any fix to that...


Hello @Muhammad Waheed,

Please note that as the issue you are encountering is related to ServiceStudio, so you don't have to tag 'Advanced Excel'.

As for the error, I would suggest uninstalling the existing Service Studio version and clean install the latest stable build (Build 47944). Hope that works out for you?




Hey AJ I appreciate you getting back to me. I followed above steps but the behavior is still the same (cannot create a module it says Unexpected Error Occurred). Thank You

Ah, that has to be frustrating. At this point I would suggest either:

1. Using the help widget (as shown below) if you see it in Service Studio, to get assistance over chat.


2. Open a support ticket with OutSystems here.



Thank You AJ I really appreciate your help.

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