[SFTP] Invalid private key file error
Forge component by Paulo Ramos
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Reactive, Service

I'm trying to use the component, but no matter what I do I get a "invalid private key file" error (even if I don't fill host and username) I use SSH-2 RSA 4096bit key generated by puttygen. Are there any limitations? I upload a .ppk file which I pass as a binary data argument



Outdated SSH.NET library.

I'm willing to cooperate and answer all your questions, please consider helping me. Thank you!


Outdated SSH.NET library.

Hi Adam,

I'll take a look at the current version of SFTP with SSH.Net and verify that SSH-2 RSA 4096bit key .ppk files are Ok to use with it.



Hi David,

the issue is a bit simpler that I thought. I've been always files in puttygen private key file .ppk, which works in SFTP apps like FileZila. However, I wasn't aware, that this is not a standardized format, tat happens to be .ssh, which works just fine in this extension.

My appologies for confusion in this post. Problem solved, thank you!

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