Looking For Forge Component "Kendo UI In Reactive Web App" And How To Add Kendo UI In
Application Type

Hi All I am New In OS. 

I am Looking for forge component  Kendo UI in Reactive and How to Integrate That forge component in my reactive web app and you can also suggest any alternative for kendo UI.

Hello @Apoorv choubey

I have not worked with Kendo UI in OutSystems but if you have not visited the Forge yet, you can navigate from Community -> Forge,

then search for 'Kendo' (I have pasted the search link below)


The only results that show up are:

The first component - 'Kendo UI Components' is for Traditional Apps. 

The third component - 'Progress Kendo UI' may be what you are looking for?
To try out a forge component like this one, you may Install it directly in Service Studio OR download the component and run it

Once installed, go to 'Manage Dependencies' in the Module you wish to add the component to and then select the component from the list. 

Hope this helps on how to add forge components in general,



Hi Apoorv,

You can use "Data Grid Reactive" component developed by OutSystems R&D Team..  and you have support team also for the component.

Component Link : https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/9764/data-grid-reactive

Thanks, Aadhavan S

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