Round function behaviour

Round function is not giving expected result

Round(24.805, 2)

Expected: 24.81

Result: 24.80


Hi Lapor,

Round uses the standard .NET rounding, which is round to nearest even. So 805 gets rounded to 80, while 815 would be rounded to 82 (and so would 825).

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you can  use javascript toFixed() to achieve Your requirement. Please check this fiddle.

 And the Round action rounds to the nearest "even" integer in client and server actions as per the below documentation

There is a MathUtils forge component that provides an additional action available for server actions Math_RoundAwayFromZero(n: decimal)

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Hi all,

Although you have find your answer, take also into account that are already some components in Forge that provide an extensive array of mathematical utility functions so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

One of this components is Math Utils Reactive forge component which provides a client function to do the rounding away from 0:

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I had also mentioned it in my answer.

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Ajit Kurane.

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