Error retrieving entities in MySql. How to fix this?

Greeting All,

I have created 3 different view in each view there are 60+ columns. When I'm integrating that view it's showing Error retrieving entities: one or more error occurred error. Please assist me how to over come with this issue.

Quick response will be appreciated.



Hi Ankit,

This is happening due to retrieving huge entities with less platform space and less timeout in platform. I also had the same issue in the past. After configuring increased timeout in integration studio, my issue got resolved.

or you can split list of tables into more schemas, so that the integration studio will communicate with SQL Server little fast.

Good Luck!!

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Thank You @Aadhavan Shanmugam  for your response.

Can you share the steps for this? Because I can not see any configuration in Integration studio.

 Thank You Again!

Hi Ankit,

If there is an issue with retrieving schema list step, then I am sure there is an issue with server timeout.

else if, First try to retrieve a schema with 10 entities maximum and it was retrieved, here also issue with server timeout. 

else, issue with your DB port or firewall. For this you have to raise support case with OutSystems.

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Thanks Aadhavan?? For your help.

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