BUG: Reactive data other source table bind problem

Hi Guru's

There is still a small bug in service studio when in a reactive screen you fetch data for other source and the return is a structure with multiple levels. When you drag and drop an attribute from the structure to a table the next attribute is not generating a new column but is added as an expression.


Hi @freek , did you put the datetime inside the tablerecords? to me, it looks like that is outside the table record, and why it became an expression. Can you show the widget tree?

The thing is normally when you have a query it shows it already as a new column that is going to be created but that is not doing it now. Doesn't matter where you drop it.

Hello @freek,

Good find. I have confirmed the behavior as well.

The first attribute can be dragged successfully but subsequent ones cannot be placed as a column. They end up as Expressions.

You are probably already aware, but just to share, the work around for now seems to be:

A) Drag the entire list in one go and get the first 4 columns in the table, thereafter add or remove columns as necessary 

B) After dragging the first column, add each of the remaining columns manually.

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Hi AJ,

Thnx for your response and confirming the issue. The work around is ofcourse working but is just a bit more work :)

Yes, I was able to replicate it also. But this bug only happen with Data action. With a list is possible to accomplish that. I attached the oml sample.


This is indeed working but not the solution I would say.


Hi Freek,

You should use the feedback button in service studio to report this. In the feedback pass the link to this forum question. It will be out on the backlog of the correct product team.



Thnx I already did!

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