Sales and pay online

Hello, good day to everyone. some idea of how to implement a sales and purchase process by paying online. It could be paypal or cards (credit or debit). Add products of different categories to a cart at the end see the real price and be able to pay it from an app or web.


Hello Cristian,

You will find several example components and applications in forge, just download them and you can see how they are developed:

Hope it's help.

Hi Cristian,

Can you give more details on what you exactly need here? Are you actually evaluating whether OutSystems would be a good choice for such a project? 

It's probably going to be a big project with some external dependencies (integrations), so a lot of modules for different tasks will be needed. Also, since it will be a public-facing app, it should look good and be highly secure. So you will need to invest in nice UX/UI, so some improvements on top of out-of-the-box OutSystems components might be needed as well.

For payments, integration to at least 2 different systems will be needed (PayPal, credit card/bank), and probably another integration to the ERP system to get the products/categories/prices etc. The number can increase if you think about the accounting, shipping etc.

In short, that kind of project will definitely have some integration to 3rd parties on many levels, and while that doesn't help with the development speed and simplicity, you can still take advantage of the Integration Builder and frontend accelerators. And if you ever decide to build a mobile app version of it too, the core services of it will be ready and reusable, and mobile app development will be a lot faster.

So, before starting the project, the actors (content manager, buyer (end-user), admin etc.), entities (products, categories, cart, user info etc.), use-cases and integrations should be laid out.

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