Editable table not fetching record.
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Hi all,

I am using editable table for making invoice. All the data saved in inventory item table. My requirement is that if I select product name in dropdown then all the details related to product should be visible. Refer below snap for your information.

Kind regards,

Ajit kurane.


Hi Ajit,

If you want proper and fast help you should share your code by uploading the oml. 

Maybe also share what you tried sofar.




Thanks for your reply.

I have created sample OML  for getting solution earlier.

 I want to implement below screen in my project. I have provided sample database in OML. Even if you want to make changes in it then you can. Just I want to implemented below screen.  Please refer my OML for your reference.


•Invoice screen

•Auto select invoice date as current date

•Allow selecting customer name from customer list dropdown or allow creating a customer(Open popup to register customer) (Capture Name, Phone, Email)

•Bill form

•Cascading form that allows adding N Number of items to the list with below fields

•Product Name (Drop down list), Product id (Get this based on Product Name), Price (Get price based on selected Product), Qty , discount , subtotal



I don't know what is going on with voting lately, what I see is a lot of good replies get down voted.

But here we have 3 up votes to a not that good described question. That does not make sense to me.

Hi @Ajit Kurane ,

I made a quick sample of how to do it. I didn't use this editatable before, and  I was trying to check if we can do an ajax refresh by row (instead of doing a lot of refresh to the inputs, since the rownumber is blocked), but I can't find anything on the forum.


Thanks..let me check 

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