Wisdom Of The Crowd : Coming Soon

Wisdom Of The Crowd : Coming Soon

Hi all,

It appears there are some WotC issues in the next release.
However. Issues which are voted highly for are not taken into account.
This surprises me. What's the use of WotC then ....

There are far more interesting issues in WotC to be developed in next release

What are the criteria for getting it in a next release ?
Hi Joop,

Thank you for the feedback! Indeed there are issues more voted than the ones that will be released.

We are committed to deliver the most voted per year, however they are usually costly wishes that span the theme of the new version to release and OutSystems' mid-term strategy. This means we will deliver them, but not necessarily while we deliver a new major version.

What happens while we are developing a new major version is that we browse the WoC and seek wishes that can improve the capabilities we are delivering with the new version. With version 6.0, we will deliver 33 community wishes! That is just awesome, I think, and a strong message to the community that sharing ideas and problems is worth your effort.

All in all, you can expect to see some of the top wishes delivered this year, but not necessarily at the same time of new major versions.


Hello Rodrigo

Mid year would mean the next release (6.0) is due out in June? that is two months away!
Hi Robert,

I said "mid-term strategy", not mid year :)
mistake :)

Is there a ETA when 6.0 is due?
That ETA is very important to me as well. It will greatly effect my business based on the items that are "Coming Soon" in WotC. In a nutshell, you guys look to be providing something in 6.0 that I'm currently working on as a product, and if 6.0 is due soon, I'll cancel the project, but if it is a year away, I'll continue with the project... please let me know, because this is VERY important to my consulting business that's based around OutSystems!

Hi Rodrigo,

I understand what you are saying.
It is somewhat understandable OUTSystems cannot implement "hard" features because they have their own schedule to stick with.

Still, the features that are high on the list are not features that are put up their recently.
I even think that most of them are submitted even before the 5.1 version, and that version is out for some time.
So there should have been lots of time to implement those imho.

very evil mode:
I have read somewhere, that if we develop a product and the customer wants new requirements, we should negotiate the requirements, which requirements should go out if we want the new features. I have not seen those negotiations between the WoTC and OUTSystems about the features.
If OUTSystems is really "preaching" the agile-methodology, the WoTC should take up the customer-role (we are key-users after all) and we should be able to negotiate certain features of new versions.
I understand it's a dangerous road, but there can be some consensus ofcourse ;)

Hi Joost,

Indeed, great feedback!

As I mentioned the wishes we will deliver in the next version are the ones useful for the new capabilities we will deliver. Including them in the on going developments that will be released inside the new version theme was the way we found to deliver community wishes with less overhead.

For the selection of other wishes that are outside the mid-term strategy of OutSystems we actually follow your suggestion and get input from leading users to weight the WoC votes. Lead users are a few selected guys that experience needs ahead of the overall marketplace. We would like to open this process to more users, but as you can imagine the entropy of that would be unmanageable. These selected features are developed outside the major versions, with their own timing, so you can expect to see a "Coming Soon" set without any new major version proximity.

It is important to have in mind that the WoC is a tool that gathers community feedback, but is not the only way to get and prioritize that feedback. We have several channels to gather feedback such as face-to-face feedback sessions, support, pre-sales, "tier-one" customers which are the ones that commit with OutSystems at a strategic level, beta customers of major versions which have the possibility to influence how the features are done, Non-Recurring Engineering projects which are done in risk-sharing partnership with a customer... The WoC is another channel.

See feedback as a portfolio of stock options: we have to diversify to get a sustainable balance.

We would love to give you all, for sure! We try our best in delivering the best ROI throughput through diversification, and delivering 33 new ideas with the next major version is a great proud to us!