Bulk Email


Is there a way to send a bulk email from my process? I would like to load a table based on a query, and click a send button and have my process send the email to every email address that is in the table. I am having no problem sending the email to one specific email address, but I want everyone in the current table to get the email.

I have messed around with the emailaddressesconcatenate feature, but I cannot get it to compile all of the email address that are populated in my table, approx. 25-500 records depending on the query.


Hi Mark,

You need to create a variable of type text (e.g. EmailsTo). Then you should iterate your query with a foreach and do

EmailsTo = EmailsTo + ", " + YourQuery.List.Current.User.Email

and then use that variable in the To property of the SendEmail element. Because you need to do this logic to concatenate the emails you may need to do the SendMail inside an automatic activity.

Tiago Simões
Hi Mark,

Given that you also don't want your e-mail to be stopped either by your e-mail server as well as by spam filters, I'd say that the best way to do it is to send several e-mails, either one to each contact or one to each group of 10-20 contacts.

You may do a For Each loop through the query results, and then on each loop send an e-mail - or group addresses and when you reach a predefined number (10 or 20 in my suggestion), you send the e-mail to those contacts and then keep going.

Does this help? Let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares