[BulkInsert] I got an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
Forge component by Galter


An ArgumentOutOfRangeException has occurred.

Can you tell me what is happening?

Best Regart,

Hi @Shohei Nakata , can you share your OML or a sample with the thing that you are trying to do?


I don't have permissions so I can't provide samples or OML files.

I would like to know when this happens.

Hi @Shohei Nakata , ok. But if you don’t find the root cause based in Aj. Answer, you can try to build a sample oml, and share with us.

Hello @Shohei Nakata,

The 'ArgumentOutOfRange' exception can happen for a variety of reasons. Since you mentioned you are doing a bulk insert the likely root causes 'may' be:

1. If you have invalid data for e.g. a badly formed/ invalid date.

2. If there is a data type or attribute name mis-match.

3. If you are referencing a value in a list by its index number or attempting to add a value using an index number, and the index number is invalid.

4. If you try to extract a substring that is outside the range of a given string.

Hope that gives you an idea of where to look for a root cause,



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