[Data Grid Reactive] japanese local time 9:00 becomes 0:00
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japanese local time 9:00 (gmt 0:00) becomes 0:00

8:59 is ok

9:00 becomes 0:00

9:01 is ok 

how can i fix it? 

Hi Jiro,

I hope you are great mate.

Please refer below link for your reference,


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Ajit Kurane.

thank you but

the link you suggested is not related to my issuue

Hi Jiro,

Could you maybe share the .oml file of your application? Without that, it is hard to assess what is going wrong here.

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this is the oml file the bug can be reproduced



That looks like a bug where 0:00 is interpreted as "date only, no time", and therefore not converted.

i also think so

its a critical bug should be fixed as soon as possible

This indeed seems to be a bug, specifically in the DataGridDataConvert extension that omits the time portion of the DateTime when serializing to JSON:

So I believe this is an issue for OutSystems to solve. 

If you really need to get this working on short notice, you could try changing the date format input that is passed to the OutSystemsObjToJSON to 1 in the DataGridDataConvert module (see screenshot below). 

This seems to solve the problem (though I did not test this thoroughly to see if it breaks anything else, so please be careful). Also, it's a bit of a hassle as you would have to manually update this every time the DataGridReactive app is updated (so hopefully OutSystems fixes it soon :) )

Hello @Jiro Yamada,

We have been analyzing this issue and manage to reproduce it.

In fact, the root cause is the fact that we are not being able to differentiate a Date field from a Date Time field and that is causing the issue when you have a Date time with 00:00:00.

Thanks @Jeroen Barnhoorn for your analysis, that was very helpful.

We have a proposed solution for this, but we need to run all our regression tests because the change can have impacts in other parts of the code.

We'll keep you posted.


Bruno Martinho

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